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A Vogel, Liver Gallbladder - 1.7 oz

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Supports liver and gallbladder function.* A unique formula of 5 herbs.

The liver performs many vital functions in the body. It stores vitamins and minerals, produces bile, which is required for the breakdown of fat, and is the main organ involved in metabolism of food, drugs and hormones. Alfred Vogel called the liver the regulator of life.

A Vogel uses a unique process extracting from fresh herbs, not dried herbs. Fresh herbs are usually harvested at their peak and processed within 24 hours before they can dry out. This special extraction process guarantees a maximum of important fresh elements inherent in each herb.
• Supports liver and gallbladder function*
• Supports natural cleansing of toxins*
• Supports good digestion*
• Unique formula of 5 herbs

Adults: 15-20 drops (Children 2-12 years 5 drops) in small amount of water 3 times a day. Shake well before using.
Safety Sealed Bottle. If ring at bottom of cap is missing or broken, do not use! Keep out of reach of children.

Serving Size:15 Drop
Servings Per Container:100
Amount Per Serving
Milk Thistle (seed) extract147 mg
Globe Artichoke (aerial part) (fresh) extract211 mg
Dandelion (entire plant) (fresh) extract55 mg
Boldo (leaves) extract32 mg
Peppermint (leaves) (fresh) extract14 mg
Other Ingredients:
Alcohol v/v

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