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Apex Energetics Antitox - Female Balance (A09) - 1 oz

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Female Balance (A-9) is formulated to help bring balance to the female reproductive immune, hormone cycle and acute symptoms and Addresses minor symptoms related to Candida and similar fungal infections.

Also Support temporary relief of symptoms related to feelings of anguish and Balance of immune

The state-of the-art by Apex Energetics formulas are designed to provide in-depth action for a variety of acute symptoms related to minor immune weakness and invading antigens, such as for colds, flus, as well as for intestinal conditions.

  • female reproductive immune and Addresses minor symptoms related to Candida and similar fungal infections.
  • Support Eyes, and body balance of health and cycle of hot flashes support
  • painful ovulation, PMS, pains in the lower abdomen, early menopause,
  • Support hot flashes, loss of libido, general indifference.
  • Addresses minor symptoms related to the common cold viruses.
  • support immune weakness
  • hormone cycle
  • acute symptoms
  • intestinal conditions
  • relief of symptoms
  • minor symptoms related to intestinal discomfort.
  • also benefit for Addresses minor symptoms related to Support  Candida and similar fungal infections.
  • support intestional health

Recommended usage for adults is 15 drops under the tongue once a day before sleep or as directed by a healthcare professional. Usage for children is 1/2 the adult amount.

Female Balance Facts: Aurum Muriaticum Nat. 4X 6X 8x 10X 12X, Thiosinaminum 6X 8X, Cimifuga Racemosa 6X 8X 10X, Pituitary 4C 7C 9C, Pineal 4C 7C 9C, Ovary 4C 7C, Cophorinum 4C 7C, Progesterone 4C 7C 9C, Estrogen 4C 7C 9C, Pancreas 4C 7C, Pulsatilla 4C 6C 8C 10C, Sabina 6X 9X 12X, Sepia 9X 12X 15X 30X, Sequoia Gigantea Gemmae 3X 6X 9X, Spleen 4C 7C, Thyroid 4C 7C, Uterus 7C, Argentum Nitricum 6X 8X 9X, Helonias Dioica 4X 6X 8X, Viburnum Opulus 4X 6X 8X, Atropinum Sulphuricum 6X 8X 10X, Alcohol 20 % by Volume

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