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BuyAfrica, Organic Moringa Leaves - 453.59 Grams

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Nicknamed "Mother Nature's Multivitamin" by our founder, Moringa leaves are the essence of the Moringa Tree's nutritional value. For over a decade, our Moringa leaves have been grown organically by our proprietary method which ensures you receive only the highest quality, Non GMO, organic Moringa leaves. With 19 out of the 20 known amino acids, 15 times the potassium of Bananas and 17 times the calcium in milk, our leaves contain the full rare combination of nutrients that has glorified Moringa as the "tree of life"

Current Scientific research suggests that Moringa leaves have certain medicinal benefits due to their high and unique nutritional value. Moringa leaves have been linked to regulating high and low blood pressure, regulating Cholesterol and hormonal levels and preventing obesity by stimulating the metabolism. Moringa's unique antioxidant make up have given it anti-carcinogen and cleansing properties that removes bad cells from the body.

Founded 13 years ago, Global Moringa is the true pioneer and expert when it comes to anything Moringa related. Our trees in Ghana are over a decade old and produce the highest quality Moringa the world has ever seen. Time has allowed us to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible when it comes to "Mother Nature's Multivitamin" and allowed us to develop revolutionary organic growing and drying methods that produce only premium grade Moringa. When you consume a Global Moringa product, rest assure you are receiving nothing but the best and every bit of the rare combination of nutrients that makes Moringa today's superfood.

Think Green, Think Global. Global Moringa

Leaves directly harvested and dried from our farms in Ghana. Shipped from New York, USA

Leaves are organically grown and hand harvested, NOT sourced, to ensure premium quality and true GMO free status

Leaves can be used to enhance your daily salad or to brew your own tea without using teabags

Sprinkle leaves on your favorite foods to boost their nutritional value

Leaves can be used to enhance your daily salad or to brew your own tea without using teabags

Ingredients Organic Moringa Leaves

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