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Pure Planet, Red Marine Algae Plus - 6 Unit/24c

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Supports a Healthy and Steady Immune System ResponseSome of the most beneficial immune supportive ocean algae, are the strains of red marine algae, known as Gigartina and Dumontiaceae . These strains of red marine algae have caught the attention of the modern scientific community for its immune-supporting properties . Offered in vegan capsules, and Topical Care, Pure Planet’s Red Marine Algae Plus is a combination of both Gigartina and Dumontiaceae as well as spirulina, aiding in absorption . Our Topical Care contains Gigartina, Calendula, White Willow Bark and other topical support herbs . Customers have reported that Red Marine Algae Plus has changed their lives, and have permanently switched to using Pure Planet’s Red Marine Algae products over L-lysine and over-the-counter topical creams .Assists the body’s immune response due to its sulfated polysaccharide content . Gigartina is considered a therapeutic “food” May support quick recovery and decrease in severity
Direction of use :
Take 3 capsules, 1-2 times daily

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 3 capsules (1500mg)

Amount Per Serving
Red Marine Algae Proprietary Blend ... 750mg
Spirulina ... 750mg
(California Grown)

Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsules

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