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Quality of Life, Advasorb Vitamin C - 60 Vegicaps

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Whether you are taking vitamin C for antioxidant protection, detoxification, or immune support, amplify its effects with Advasorb® Vitamin C. Combining Fast-C™, a unique, rapidly absorbed, and better retained form of vitamin C with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), this potent formula delivers:

  • Antioxidant Protection — Vitamin C and NAC are both antioxidants that neutralize
    harmful free radicals.*
  • Detoxification Support —  Animal and human studies have demonstrated that both vitamin C and NAC help the body detoxify a range of pollutants, including heavy metals, automobile exhaust, tobacco smoke, industrial chemicals, and pesticides.*
  • Immune Support —  Human clinical trials have shown that daily intake of vitamin C during the cold-weather season can promote immune response.* A placebo-controlled study also found that people who took NAC in the winter maintained their well-being.*

Why Fast-C? It delivers 54% more vitamin C into the tissues in the first 2 hours vs. the leading premium brand. It's buffered — No upset stomach and no heartburn.

THE MOST POWERFUL VITAMIN C AVAILABLE: Quality of Life’s Advasorb® combines Fast-C™, a rapidly absorbed and better retained form of vitamin C with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Our premium Vitamin C Supplement is buffered to ensure no heartburn or upset stomach. Our Vitamin C capsules are small and absorb quickly.

  • SUPPORTS IMMUNE, DETOX & ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Our Vitamin C Complex contains a synergistic blend of antioxidants including Calcium, Magnesium, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and Bioperine to help support immune health, detox, antioxidant support and protection against the environment. Use our easy to swallow Vitamin C capsules daily to give your body a powerful antioxidant and immune boost.
  • INCLUDES VITAMIN C, N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE, CALCIUM & MAGNESIUM: Our natural Vitamin C capsules contain 5 antioxidants clinically studied for maximum effectiveness. Unlike other pure vitamin c supplements, ascorbic acid vitamin c, buffered vitamin c, liposomal vitamin c, vitamin powder, gmo free liquid vitamin c, n-acetyl-cysteine complex, NAC and calcium supplements, our Vitamin C Supplement works quickly and uses patented ingredients.

Directions 2 vegicaps with a meal for antioxidant protection. Double the dosage for detox and immune support.

Ingredients Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Calcium (as calcium carbonate), Magnesium (as magnesium hydroxide), N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Black Pepper extract (BioPerine®), Rice Flour, Vegetable Magnesium stearate, peppermint oil, vegetable cellulose, Alkemy Alkaline Mineral Base (gum acacia, dicalcium phosphate, potassium hydroxide)

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