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Regular Girl On-The-Go - 30 Packets

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Clinically proven prebiotic soluble fiber (Sunfiber) and probiotics, created with the help of a woman dietitian. Regular Girl delivers true regularity, addressing both occasional constipation and diarrhea, without excess gas, cramping or bloating.* Low FODMAP Certified, Non GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Kosher. Designed for women by women so you can always feel comfortable, in control, and radiate confidence. Regular Girl Organic On The Go is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless synbiotic blend of clinically proven prebiotic fiber and probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive balance. Each serving contains 5 grams of prebiotic fiber (Sunfiber), an all natural, truly regulating, soluble dietary fiber derived from the guar bean with optimal gut transit time. Regular Girl also contains 8 billion CFU of B. lactis probiotics to assist in harmonizing digestion.

As a dietary supplement, mix one level scoop into 6-8 oz of water or any non-carbonated beverage. May also be added to smoothies, cereal, and more.
Ingredients Sunfiber Guar Fiber, Bifidobacterium lactis

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